Online Bingo Odds

Online Bingo is game with fixed odds.  This means that every online bingo card purchased has an equal chance of winning.  Thus, if you buy ten online bingo cards, each of the ten cards has the same odds or chance of winning as the other card does.

For example, suppose there are one-hundred cards in play during a game when you’re playing online bingo.  Of the 100 cards for the game, you purchased one of the cards.  There is one prize offered in this bingo game.  Thus, your odds of having the winning card are one in one-hundred.  If you bought ten of the hundred cards in play, your odds of winning the online bingo game are increased to one-in-ten because you hold ten cards (10% of the cards in play).

The example above would imply that whilst each card has an equal chance of winning, you could increase your odds of holding the winner if you buy or control a higher percentage of the cards sold and in play during a given game.  Thus, in order to increase your odds of winning a game, you have to have enough buying power to buy a higher percentage of the tickets that are sold.  Thus, an online game with fewer players might provide better odds than one with several thousand players, as you might be able to have enough purchasing power to hold a greater percentage of the number of cards in play.  However, if there are only ten players and each player buys the maximum allowed number of cards, then your chances of winning are equal to “the field” if you also buy the max number of cards.  If you buy less than the max and all the other players in the online bingo game buy the most cards they are allowed to purchase, then your odds of winning are “less than the field.”  Thus, it makes sense to pay attention to both the number of players in the game AND the number of tickets in play during that particular game. Hopefully you can see now that calculating online bingo odds, and your chances of winning, are fairly straightforward.

Guaranteed Jackpots

Another factor to consider when attempting to increase your odds of winning an online bingo game is the guaranteed jackpot amount.  Sites like 32 Red bingo games guarantee a prize.  If the number of tickets in play multiplied by the cost of each ticket equals less than the guaranteed prize, then the payout on your spend will increase.  More accurately, if the guaranteed payday for the game is £1000, but there have only been 500 cards sold at £1 each – there is a £500 overlay in the game.  It might make sense to buy more tickets in this game to both increase your odds of winning (by controlling a higher percentage of the cards in play) AND buying into the overlay.  There is £500 worth of tickets in play and a jackpot guaranteed of £1000, thus the odds of any given ticket being a winner is 500 to 1, but each ticket potentially pays out £1000 to one.  Thus, any additional ticket you buy provides value in terms of payout (providing other players do not do the same thing and drive the total tickets in play over the guaranteed amount).

When playing the odds in online bingo, look at the number of players in the game, the amount of tickets in play, and if there is a guaranteed prize associated with the game.  Considering these factors will help you improve your odds of winning when you play online bingo.