February 7, 2020

Revolut and Bet365 – Does The Card Work?

UPDATE: Revolut is now not accepted at ANY betting companies thanks to legislation. Even though it isn’t a credit card! >> Try PayPal instead. If you own a Revolut card…

UPDATE: Revolut is now not accepted at ANY betting companies thanks to legislation. Even though it isn’t a credit card!

>> Try PayPal instead.

If you own a Revolut card as a fast-growing number of people do, you’ll likely love it and use it an awful lot on your travels. So, what happens when you attempt to use it with Bet365?

Revolut to Bet365 – The Options

Unfortunately, like others, I was not able to make a deposit from Revolut to Bet365. The card was rejected even though it had a healthy balance after a recent top-up.

There are, however, bookies (other than Bet365) where Revolut is accepted. These are listed below, along with their offers.

Of course, if you’re not willing to consider an alternative bookmaker to Bet365, you will just not be able to use Revolut as a source of funds with them.

Thankfully, the well-known bookmaker does accept other banks’ debit cards without facing similar kinds of issues. Let’s hope that this situation changes in the future.

What Happened on Bet365 When Adding Revolut?

If you’re reading this because you also experienced what happened to me when attempting to add Revolut as a new payment card into bet365, the following image may well look familiar.

Toward the end of finishing typing in the long 16-digit Visa card number details into the box on deposit screen, I was greeted with the message, “We are experiencing issues processing deposits from this card. Please use an alternative card or payment method.

It was disappointing (to put it mildly) when this message flashed up. After all, there were more than enough funds on the Revolut card to cover the deposit and I like using the bet365 site quite a lot. What to do next?

Further action was therefore needed, and, having also previously set up accounts with several other bookmakers, it was time to check if this card was going to cause issues for any of the others.

If it turned out that this was the same with all of the bookies, maybe it would be time to ditch Revolut for another similar alternative. That certainly wouldn’t be ideal.

It took quite some time but, in the end, after much testing was undertaken the full list of where Revolut is accepted was compiled. You can read more about how I got on with this and the final results here in full detail (including mobile phone screenshots from each bookie showing the evidence).

Payment Acceptance and Bookies

It should be stated that this issue does not emanate from bet365 disallowing Revolut as a payment method. Far from it – It is, in fact, Revolut who have made the strange decision to block payments and withdrawals at bet365.

Historically, Revolut did permit Bet365 deposits. However, something changed in January of 2019 when baffled punters discovered that they were no longer able to deposit their money there.

A lot of customers of this extremely popular bookie were suddenly caused a substantial inconvenience, especially those who tend to use their card for travel and gambling purposes. This seems a very odd decision, given that Revolut have not communicated that they have taken some kind of stance against all gambling companies.

It seems to be very selective and for whatever reason, bet365 is one of the few companies that has been left out in the cold. No one seems to know the reason why.

There has been quite a bit of news about this very subject matter even though, as long as you are over 18, gambling in many countries is legal. However, of course, it’s common knowledge that many people struggle with using bookmakers because gambling can become addictive.

Some financial institutions have implemented measures to help their customers cope with such addictions. Barclays is one such example of a bank that has provided the ability to cut off gambling spending from their customers’ accounts.

They are not the only ones. HSBC has provided similar measures for their customers and, following consultation with GamCare, they also implement a 24-hour cooling-off period should a customer request to remove the restriction. GamCare is a charity that provides support, information and advice for problem gamblers

Essentially, such mechanisms are aimed at helping people with gambling problems to avoid temptation by cutting allowing them to remove the option at their behest. Even though such moves are to be applauded, the feeling is that more can be done to help people from bookmakers themselves.

However, all of this flies in the face of the Bet365 Revolut issue, where it appears that such a decision has been made for users without actually consulting them at all. The fact remains that not everyone is a problem gambler.

No one likes being told where and how they can spend their own money, that’s for sure. It would seem that many bettors prefer to neatly partition their betting from other bank activities by using a separate card.

It seems to be perfectly good practice to do this on a debit card, too, where the money that is there is not borrowed (i.e. as opposed to a credit card). Again, this issue between bet365 and Revolut has persisted for quite some time now and no resolution seems to be in sight any time soon.

On the Reddit forum, bleedingleague commented on this very point. The user noted that it would be understandable if Revolut’s stated policy was to not allow gambling websites. What is unacceptable in his/her view, is that this is not made clear and that they simply changed their mind. The upshot is that attempting to make a transfer to or from a gambling site has the effect of blocking your account “and then you have to deal with their incredibly rude customer service.”. Not good.

Frequently Asked Questions

💳 What is Not Supported with Revolut?

Some (but not all) bookmakers, some cryptocurrency exchanges, foreign exchange bureaus, financial securities brokers/dealers and unmanned petrol stations (manned stations are ok).

💷 Are There Alternatives to Bet365 for Revolut?

Yes. While bet365 is currently not accepting Revolut as a payment vehicle, there are several bookmakers that are.

🎲 Can you Gamble with Revolut?

Yes, you can, but just not with all bookies. Our investigation reveals the ones that do accept Revolut as a payment and withdrawal card.

Bookmakers Where Revolut is Accepted

Here is that list of supported bookmakers where the card was able to be used.

February 4, 2020

Revolut Bookmakers: Bookies that Accept Revolut (Fully Tested)

***UPDATE: Due to regulation, Revolut can’t be used for gambling at all*** We recommend that you try PayPal instead Since it was introduced, the Revolut payment card has spread quickly…

***UPDATE: Due to regulation, Revolut can’t be used for gambling at all***

We recommend that you try PayPal instead

Since it was introduced, the Revolut payment card has spread quickly across the world thanks to its sharp exchange rates for travellers. It is also popular in being used for betting online, and so we’ve run checks on the bookmakers who accept this debit card payment method. 

Verified Bookies that Accept(ed) Revolut

Here is a summary of the bookmakers where you could use this payment method:

Having had heard and read about some problems with acceptance of the Revolut card with certain bookmakers (notably bet365) we, therefore, decided to investigate.  For this article, we fully tested depositing with them and the other main bookies to check the validity and find out where it can actually be used.

The Revolut card comes in either Visa or Mastercard brands, and we used a Visa-branded card for the purposes of making attempted deposits.  It shouldn’t really make a difference which is used, as both are accepted virtually everywhere that payment cards can be used.

All deposits and withdrawals were completed or attempted using a mobile phone, although it would make no difference when done from a desktop, too.

Revolut Bookmakers: Sites Where you Can Use the Card

From our own testing, I have verified that Revolut depositing and withdrawal works with the following bookies:

Betfair – This required a pre-authorisation before going through which, at first, made me think that something weird was happening and that my payment wasn’t going to go through. 

However, these fears were soon allayed as I came to realise that this was just a standard procedure here (although it isn’t with all bookmakers). In my haste, and after having to go into Revolut to approve the payment, I returned to Betfair, where I accidentally pressed the £50 deposit button even though I had previously only meant to deposit £5.

This therefore also gave me the opportunity to test withdrawals! I then withdrew £45 and it advised me that it would take between 2-3 days to receive this. 

Paddy Power – As with Betfair, worked after seeing a pre-authorisation.  This was not completely unanticipated considering that both of these brands are part of the same Paddy Power Betfair Group.

Betway – This was another bookie where the deposit worked quickly and easily. In this case, there were no delays and the money was in the account pretty well instantly. 

William Hill – Here, it was pretty smooth sailing although there was an initial issue that I needed to call the support line for.  After entering the card details (my name, the long number, expiry and the three-digit CVV on the back of the card) I was greeted with the following message:

“Sorry, there is an issue with this request. Please contact Customer Services for assistance, quoting ACC02“.

At first, I assumed that William Hill was not going to be one of the bookies that accepted Revolut.  So, I called the customer services line as per the message that was on the screen and spoke to a representative.

After explaining that I’d tried to register a new card, the support person asked if I was using a VPN.  I had forgotten that I did have a VPN running for privacy reasons earlier and it was indeed still switched on.

He said that sometimes VPNs make their system think that you might not be in a location where betting is legal and so he requested that I turn off the VPN and try again.  It worked immediately after this action was taken, and here you can see the result.

Betfred – Depositing funds at Betfred using Revolut was extremely straightforward.  There were no issues at all and everything went through straight away without delay.

Here’s the message received  that shows the successful transaction in the Revolut app after I had deposited a tenner using my Revolut Visa card:

Betvictor – One that did not cause any hassle whatsoever.  One thing that you might get a little confused about is the fact that on your Revolut statement, the payment shows up as Lottoland (Gibraltar) Ltd rather than Betvictor.

So, now that you realise that it is part of the same group, no panic buttons need to be pressed when you see this message.

Coral – Depositing was completed without any issues at all.  There was no pre-authorisation needed and as you can see from the screenshot below, a Revolut message popped up on the screen to advise of the immediate and successful payment at the same time as it did on the Coral mobile site.  

Interestingly, no email arrived though – as per what was shown by the on-screen message.  However, I didn’t need it thanks to the evidence I’d already received and I certainly didn’t need nor want yet another mail to read, anyway.

Coral also has a decent free bet offer which is fairly popular.

Why Use Revolut for Placing Bets with Bookies?

The preferred money used to bet is without a doubt always going to be what you have in your pocket or bank account.  Feeling the need to borrow money to finance gambling generally means that something just isn’t right at all.

This is one of the reasons that lawmakers pushed for the move away from using credit cards for betting in favour of debit cards and, of course, it makes complete sense to have done this despite the inconvenience that it causes to some.   

Debit cards are a payment vehicle that only lets the user spend money from funds that they possess in your account.  Credit cards, on the other hand, provide the possibility to borrow money from the credit card company (eg MasterCard, Visa, American Express) for free for a short period.  Once that period is up, very large rates of interest are normally charged – and it can be easy to fall into a spiral of debt.

This is where the problem lies and why debit cards, like Revolut, are a much-preferred option. In the case of banking with Revolut, it’s not such a simple case of being able to use it anywhere, though.

Past Issues With Using Revolut

Revolut cards will not work in some circumstances.  I found this out on a trip to France last year after trying to use mine to pay for petrol I wanted to add to a hire car.  The card was rejected at the pump while trying to pre-authorise the transaction.

Fortunately, I also had a credit card on this occasion which had to be used. I later discovered in their terms and conditions that unmanned petrol stations (as this one was) are one of the places that the card will not work.  

It’s worth noting that (at the time of writing) that Cryptocurrency exchanges, foreign exchange bureaus and financial securities brokers and dealers are also not supported. Many people like to use Revolut when travelling and for their gambling, so it’s important to know just where it can and can’t be used.

And, if you love this payment method, it may even be a dealbreaker for certain brands. Time to change bookmaker, perhaps? 

Bookmakers Where You Can’t Use Revolut

bet365 – We ran into a brick wall when attempting to use one of the world’s largest names.

Unibet – Another international brand bookie where we found that Revolut was not able to be used for making a deposit.

It’s unclear why this is the case, especially in a country where betting online is completely legal and above board.  Why would you not be able to use a debit card with a positive balance to make a payment to a merchant of your choice? 

It does not seem to make a whole lot of sense, but this is the reality.  I’ve read in various forums that loyal Revolut users who have enjoyed the experience of using it for years have become seriously irritated by such issues.  So much so that they could even consider changing to an alternative competitor in the payment card space.

The lack of communication about this (i.e. not being informed about it in their terms and conditions) is a factor that Revolut really should consider addressing.  This is especially important for their business model if they wish to retain customers who like to use an online bookie in a country where it is completely lawful to so.

It’s not like this is a small section of society, either.  In our view, the push to using debit cards means that institutions such as Revolut need to get a better understanding of people’s needs to stay competitive or they will simply lose business.

Tip for Using Revolut with Bookies

During this process, I had forgotten that one thing that I had set up on Revolut’s settings is the “automatic top-up”.  This basically tells Revolut to take an amount from your connected bank account every time our Revolut balance falls below a certain amount.

This is sometimes useful when you are travelling internationally and don’t want to get into the situation of running out of money on the card.  For example, when you go to pay a restaurant bill and the card gets rejected due to insufficient funds.  

In my case, the rule applied was to add £200 every time the balance on the card falls below £50.  It was to help avoid the situation just like the restaurant example that I explained above.

So, with this rule still in place (even though I was not travelling in a foreign country with the need for a good exchange rate anymore) I wanted to deposit a tenner into one of the bookmaker accounts.

However, with £55 on the debit card, just depositing £10 had the effect of adding £200 from my bank! Anyhow, it was just a matter of re-adding it back and then taking the necessary steps to remove the automatic top-up rule from the card settings via the Revolut app.

Frequently Asked Questions

💳 Do Any Bookies Accept Revolut?

Yes, we have tested it with several bookmakers and there are some that do accept Revolut without any issues.

💷 What’s a Pre-Authorisation on My Card?

Also known as ‘preauth’, this is a temporary ‘hold’ of a certain amount of your balance which makes sure that there are enough funds available for the bookie to receive the payment.

December 21, 2019

How to Get Free Bets on Coral (with Step-by-Step Instructions)

Coral Sport is one of the UK and Ireland’s most popular bookmakers and, like many bookies, they offer free bets as part of their welcome bonus.  Read on and I’ll…

Coral Sport is one of the UK and Ireland’s most popular bookmakers and, like many bookies, they offer free bets as part of their welcome bonus.  Read on and I’ll show you how you can secure these in the easiest manner possible, avoiding some potential pitfalls that might invalidate your claim. 

To get free bets on Coral, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, register on the Coral site
  2. Place a bet with a minimum of £5
  3. Receive Free bets to use at odds of 1/2 or higher

Let’s get into the details of this offer.  You’ll want to make sure that you familiarise yourself with all of the rules,  terms and conditions of the offer before committing so that there are no surprises.

How to Get Free Bets on Coral

1. Register

It’s not exactly a difficult task to sign up, all you need to do is enter your details such as name, address and date of birth. The important part comes next, though, as you want to make sure that your payment source doesn’t disqualify you from being eligible.

Take note that if you use Paypal, Moneybookers, Paysafe, Neteller or Skrill to make the deposit, you won’t be able to get the free bets as part of the offer. SO, to be on the safe side, it’s best to use your debit card.

2. Place a £/€5 bet

After you’ve registered, you’ll need to make sure that your first bet is to the value of £/€5 (at least) on a sport.  This is called the “qualifying bet”, and can either be a win bet or an each-way, at odds of 1/2 (in decimal odds, that’s 1.5) or greater.

You can also make an accumulator bet as the qualifying bet, as long as each individual selection of the bet is fractional odds of 1/2, too. Don’t place this bet on the Pools or Tote or it won’t qualify. As always, check the terms if you’re not sure. 

Important: You must place the bet within just 4 days of registering, as there is a time limit on the qualifying bet.

3. Receive and Use the Free Bets

Right after you’ve placed the bet as above and according to the rules, you should receive your £20 in free bets.  This goes into your account in the form of four separate £5 or €5 free bets.

Time Limit on using the Free Bet

What you need to know is that these free bet credits do have a time limit on them. As highlighted above, hey will expire just four days after you receive them, so make sure that you use them or you will lose them!

Additional Rules on the Free Bet

Each of your four free bets have to be used in full – that is, you can’t use them in part such as £3 and £2. Also, similarly to the qualifying fiver bet, 
you can redeem them on single each-way and win bets.  You can’t use them on tote or football jackpot but you are allowed to use them on the following multiples: doubles, trebles, accumulators, forecasts and combinations. 

Other Prerequisites

You will need to be of legal betting age in the United Kingdom, which is currently 18. The UK rules can sometimes be confusing, as 16-year-olds can buy lottery tickets.  However, in this case, it’s definitely 18 years of age minimum.

It’s also important to note that you need to be a new customer of Coral, i.e. not have been registered with them previously, to be able to avail yourself of their offer.

You do not need a bonus code for this offer, so there is not a referral code of any sort required. 

There is something known as a 1x playthrough requirement for the free bets.  You can’t redeem them for cash as soon as you receive them (which is kind of obvious) but once you have used each of them for your wager, you can withdraw any resulting winnings as cash without any issues.

Making the Most of Your Free Bet

Naturally, once you have secured your free bet, you’ll want to make it a winner (all four of them if possible) so that you can either cash in or keep betting.  It’s best to therefore try to search for possible winners which are only just above the minumum odds threshold. If your sport is football, you could do worse than to scan the win-draw-win market for games that meet this criteria, and avoid coin-toss type markets like BTTS and Over/Under 2.5 goals.

Apart from what I’ve mentioned here, there isn’t really anything else that I can think of to mention about the offer.  It’s not very complicated, and that’s perhaps what makes it so appealing.  If you do decide to go ahead and take advantage of the Coral bonus while it’s available, best of luck with making some good ones. As always, my advice is to keep your adventures in gambling sensible and only bet with what you can afford to lose.

November 25, 2019

Football Prediction Sites: Which one is THE best?

Updated , .With quite a few of them out there, it’s often asked which is the best of the football prediction sites.  We also wanted to know, and decided to…

Updated July, 2020.
With quite a few of them out there, it’s often asked which is the best of the football prediction sites.  We also wanted to know, and decided to undertake our own thorough analysis of 20 of them in order to find the answer to this question.

In conclusion, the overall top site for football predictions is the aptly named FootballPredictions.NET.

There are many factors and reasons for this choice. Read on as we delve into the details as to what we found out that makes it, in our opinion, the best football predictions site in the world following our exhaustive review.

What to look for in a good prediction site


Let’s set the record straight – There is no football prediction site that never fails.  No matter which site you choose, none will ever have 100% accuracy or anything like it. It is just not possible and any site that claims otherwise is simply trying to pull the wool over your eyes.  We all know that the game of soccer is one where there are many variables in play at any one time and some are simply unpredictable. For example, a red card or injury to a key player can completely change the momentum and outcome of a match.

It seems that some sites rely purely on mathematical algorithms in order to determine outcomes.  We found that his can fall down badly when there is no way to factor in news such as player availability and managers being sacked etc.  Of the sites that we tested, FootballPredictions.NET came out with the highest overall win accuracy from the sample of games that we tracked over a 14 day period. That’s a lot of analysis, and yes, it was exhausting.

A sample of the results that we took is illustrated here:

Champions League prediction results. 7 out of 9 predicted correctly, and one with an exact score, too.

Open Results

When a match has finished, you want to be able to check the history of results.  Any site that does not do this should be viewed with caution, as there should be nothing to hide. This may sound like a straightforward criterion, but it is surprising just how many sites do not display results that correspond to their initial predictions.

Winning Accumulators

Not every site provides free accumulators, and when they do, they are often hit-and-miss (mostly miss) affairs.  At the time of review, FP provides five multi-bets every day including doubles, trebles and accumulators.  What is quite clever about these is that they manage to get a really good strike rate thanks to the careful choice of target games.

You won’t often see accumulators with odds of more than 30/1 (29 in decimal odds) because the focus is on winning rather than silly bets that are very unlikely to succeed.  FP also has Telegram channels (messaging service) that you can join where they broadcast daily bets including accumulator of the day.

Sure Bets

In many places around the world, punters take a particular interest in very winnable bets which offer lower odds but steady returns.  Gamblers who are looking for football prediction sites in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana, for example, tend to go to these bets as a way to build their bankrolls.  These bets are often called ‘sure bets’ or ‘sure wins’, not to be confused with arbitrage bets which are something altogether different.

The Sure Bets page on FP

Some sites even promise ‘fixed matches’ which is clearly just wrong and a scam which can always be discarded. We found a dedicated section for sure bet predictions (pictured, above) which is a big plus point for those of us who like to see the lowest odds, highest probability bets available.


No matter where you come from, it’s always good to get that personalised look and feel.  As part of our review, we tested this by over web browsers using VPNs in incognito/private mode in order to check the reviewed sites from multiple countries.

FP was by the far the best of them all at this.  Users can not only choose between four languages (English, Spanish, German and Portuguese) to use the site in, but the localisation goes much further.  You only see your locally available bookmakers (and therefore odds) and the competitions that matter most to you.  For example, in Nigeria there is the choice of local bookmakers such as Betway NG, bet9ja and Nairabet.

An example of local settings was seen when using the site from Denmark. The Danish Superliga was given more prominence in menus than some of the other leagues and competitions.  In the main, the most popular predictions such those for the English Premier League and Champions League were always easily available.

High Odds

Almost all of the sites in this review include the bookmaker odds for each bet alongside their predictions.  Many of them present the odds from a single bookmaker, but this simply gives you limited choice.  What makes FootballPredictions.NET stand out is the fact that, for each prediction, they present odds for multiple bookmakers (as many as 10 in some locations) and this, of course, means that you can always see the highest odds on offer at any one time.

What’s even better is that they automatically check the bookmaker sites every few minutes in order to keep these up to date and relevant. Refreshing the page every 5 to 10 minutes or so reveals this.  Many of the other sites that we reviewed simply add the odds once and they are never updated them.  This is particularly bad given that some predictions can be made a week or two in advance of a game!

When you think about it some more, what is the point of using a site that does not show you the highest odds currently available? You’d be a mug to always stay loyal to one bookmaker all the time, too. 

Wide coverage of Competitions

Almost everyone is interested in the big competitions and the best teams with big-name players, and all of these sites gave good coverage to them.  However, sometimes when you are betting on soccer there isn’t always one of those games available.

It’s, therefore, a plus point to give coverage to other (good quality) competitions that can let you have this luxury.  Some sites go a bit too far and try to present predictions for competitions that have little data available on them.  We found that the tips given on these competitions turned out to be quite unreliable as well.


Betting on football can be complex, with many markets available on each match.  Some are just based on pure luck, such as the number of yellow cards or corners, and to be considered one of the best sites, the following really need to be covered as a minimum: Full-time result (1X2), Over/Under 2.5 goals and Both teams to score (BTTS).  We found that some sites only give tips on one outcome, and we found this to be a limiting factor.

FP provided all of these as well as Correct Score and BTTS & Win predictions, giving it a good overall coverage of the football betting markets that matter most.  We know just how tough correct score prediction can be, and in one day of Premier League matches, they managed an impressive 3 out of 10 correct scores.   That is quite an achievement considering that the best odds on the correct score are around 10 (9/1) most of the time.


When putting down hard-earned cash on bets, it’s comforting to have statistical analysis to hand to make sure that you and the predictions site can refer to it.  What we are looking for is things like recent form, goals conceded and scored (home and away) and league table positions.

To take it further, it’s good to see head to head (h2h) results and predicted lineups.  When you have all of this kind of information to hand, it makes decision-making that much easier.  What gives FP the edge here is that you get all of that, and for a lot of the games, a video analysis preview too.  You can’t ask for much more than that.  Here’s one such example of one of their video previews:


Now, there are a lot of sites in existence who allow you to see some of their predictions for free and then try to sell you a premium or VIP service.  In our reviews, not only are these services expensive, they also provide worse results.  The mystique generated by not revealing the ‘best’ tips can make a lot of people curious, but it’s much better to keep the cash in your pocket than line theirs in this case.

Like most of the other top-rated sites, FootballPredictions.NET is completely free so that anyone can benefit from their work.  The popular sites like this generate their own income from adverts which you will see around the site.  Signing up to a bookmaker generally provides them with some money in return, which seems to us to be a fair deal for keeping the site up and running.

Mobile experience

There really is no excuse these days for sites not delivering proper mobile user experience.  A lot of these prediction sites have been around for many years now and have unfortunately failed to move with the times.  Several of them rendered poorly on Google and Apple mobile devices and needed a lot of sideways scrolling in addition to having poorly designed menus.  FP looks great on every device that we used it on and it was fast, too, thus giving it another edge over its rivals.

Mobile view of FootballPredictions.NET
Mobile device view

Ease of Use

There is a lot to be said for a nice, clean interface.  There isn’t much point having a great predictions site if the user can’t work out where to find what they want.  Some of the sites that we tested had so many options that it was not a simple task to navigate from place to place.  Too much information is often crammed in, and seemingly just or the sake of it.

Sites reviewed in our testing: Football Predictions (best), bookieboost, forebet, windrawwin, freesupertips, vitibet, sportytrader, sbat, bettingexpert, footyaccumulators, leaguelane, statarea, betegy, kickoff, confirmbets, predictz, footballtips, betensured, wincomparator, thestatszone 

What is a football prediction site?

A soccer or football prediction site can be defined as an online platform where a tipster or tipsters publish forecasts about upcoming football matches. The most accurate of these is FootballPredictions.NET.

November 18, 2019

The Odds of Being Born | How lucky you actually are just to be here

Do you ever stop to think about the probability or your own existence? That is, the chances or odds of being born at all.  When life seems difficult, you can…

Do you ever stop to think about the probability or your own existence? That is, the chances or odds of being born at all.  When life seems difficult, you can consider yourself to be very lucky just to be alive in the first place.  Let’s delve into this question and find the answer that might surpise you, and why parents might refer to their offspring as a little miracle.

A number of people, including Dr Ali Binazir, have attempted to answer the question by applying probability to a certain number of  logical circumstances and assumptions.  We’ll follow a similar method and throw in some additional and updated ones. 

His estimate, conducted in 2011, starts by calculating the probability of the two people who became your parents actually meeting in the first place.  At the time that he attempted to answer that question, he went on the assumption that those two people may have met one new male or female (respectively) every day in the space of 25 years, starting from the age of 15.

That was ten thousand people, or potential mates (actually it’s 9,131 people to be more exact and including leap years).  However, that assumption did also not account for the fact that some of those people would have been homosexual.  The percentage of gay people is never going to be quantifed exactly, but going by  various studies and surveys we can reduce the figure of 4%.  This then becomes 9,131 x .96, that can be tweaked to 8,766.

Binazir also looked at what the population of the earth was 20 years before his estimate (i.e. in 1991) which assumed that this applied to only 20 year olds.  Let’s focus on the chances of being born today, instead.  Restricting the pool of possible people that you could meet to 10% of the population of the world (7.7 billion in 2019) gives us 770 million, with approximately half being male and the other half female. The updated figure of two people meeting to become parents is therefore 9,131 divided by 770 million.  That’s approximately one in 84,328.

The next step is to consider the odds of the two would-be eventual parents actually having a conversation to get something going in the right direction.  Using the same assumptions of one in ten probability, followed by a further one in ten chance that it could turn into a second meeting (date) and then a one in ten again that it might result in a relationship and then the cutting the odds further by assuming that there is a 50% chance of it resulting in a child being born. This cuts things down to the chances of an eventual birth happening at one in 2,000 (0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.5).

From this we can calculate that the chance of birth is actually 1 in 168,656,000 today.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

Further factoring in the same assumptions of the specific egg and exact sperm meeting up at the end of the story is near-on one in four hundred quadrillion. That’s 400,000,000,000,000,000.  Its kind of hard to imagine, isn’t it?

After that, everything is probably going to seem a little incomprehensible, given that when you also consider that the odds of your ancestors (going back to the beginning of time) having also lived to an reproductive age and arriving here after around four billion years is one in ten to the power of 45,000.   That’s too big to represent here without breaking the Internet.

The next consideration is that for every one of those ancestors, the exact sperm and egg also had to meet each other.  So, we need to take the quadrillion for each generation and multiply that by a quadrillion for every generation of which the assumption is 150,000. It yields 1 in 10 to the power of 2,640,000.

So now we can arrive at a number using the calculation as follows:

One in…

10 to the power of 2.64 million x 10 to the power of 45,000 x 2,000 x 84,328

and we’ve not been able to find a calculator that can handle this kind of number, so going with the answer as calculated by Dr Binazir:

The odds of being born are equal to 1 in 102,685,000. The chances are so low that it is effectively zero. 

Therefore, it’s a good thing that we can say that we are here at all.  Are you feeling lucky now?

October 14, 2019

Quantum Roulette at bet365 Casino is Live – Here’s the lowdown

Bet365 Casino has launched a new live roulette game called Quantum Roulette.  Here we give our take on it and answer some of the questions about this new addition. All…

Bet365 Casino has launched a new live roulette game called Quantum Roulette.  Here we give our take on it and answer some of the questions about this new addition. All information below is our own opinion based on our own experiences of the game.

What is Quantum Roulette?

Quantum Roulette is a roulette game that is hosted by a live dealer. 

It uses the roulette variant based on European roulette, which is the type that gives you the best odds of winning (as opposed to others such as American roulette which reduce your odds of winning and should be avoided at all costs).

Who is the producer of the game?

It’s a game powered by Playtech, using their auto-slingshot wheel.  Bet365 have added it to their stable of games.

How does the wheel itself work?

The roulette wheel is powered by the auto-slingshot mechanism which is powered by motors and compressed air after the ball is automatically introduced into the game machine. 

The dealer, therefore, has no actual physical involvement with the operation of the roulette wheel itself and is effectively a narrator.

This isn’t a computer-generated virtual game, which some people can be suspicious of. 

What makes Quantum Roulette different Roulette?

The main difference in Quantum Roulette compared to other forms is that up to five straight-up numbers can be selected to have “multipliers” applied to them. These multipliers can range from 50x up to 500x.

You can watch the Quantum Roulette system go through and select these numbers ar the beginning of each game after all bets have been placed. Wouldn’t it be nice if this happened before bet were placed?

Another difference is a Quantum Boost, which is a random additional 50x multiplier that can be applied to one or even all of the multipliers (up to a maximum of 500x).

Then there is the Quantum Leap, another random and occasional event, where some or even all of the multipliers are doubled or tripled.

Here’s what bet365 have to say about it:

Experience the new Live Quantum Roulette game in the Casino at bet365 and enjoy all the fun of Roulette with additional enhancing features. During every game round random numbers will be enhanced with a Quantum Multiplier of up to x500 to increase your winnings. There are also other exciting features such as Quantum Boosts and Quantum Leaps which could be triggered!”

Sound good to you? It’s now live at bet365 for you to check out.  It’s also one of our top-rated roulette sites.

July 9, 2018

Amazing Aztecs New Slot from Just for the Win

Microgaming have certainly been very impressed with the company Just for the Win, for they are a slot game designer whose games have been chosen by Microgaming to be added…

Microgaming have certainly been very impressed with the company Just for the Win, for they are a slot game designer whose games have been chosen by Microgaming to be added to their gaming platforms.

At the end of the month of May 2018 yet another one of their slots will make its appearance at all casino sites offering Microgaming’s range of games, and that slot is the brand new Amazing Aztecs slot, and having seen a sneak preview of it, it is a slot that offering plenty of fun and winning opportunities!

With a name like the Amazing Aztecs there are no prizes for guessing the theme of this new slot, however there is a lot to like about the way that Just for the Win have designed it and as such let me now guide you through that design and let you know what makes it a highly playable video slot.

When playing off each base game spin you have 243 ways to form a winning combination, for it has been structured as another All Ways type of slot, that have proven to be huge popular with slot players.

There is however a feature that can be triggered when playing the Amazing Aztecs slot that I have never come across before, and that feature can be triggered as soon as you have spun in a winning combination on a base game spin.

The feature if known as the Giant Re-Spin and when triggered one of the reel symbols are chosen at random and once chosen huge reel symbols are then added across the reels and a re-spin is then played off.

What you will be hoping happens is that you spin in a huge reel symbols that is spread across several reels and therefore helps you form multiple winning combinations of the same symbol.

It is worth pointing out that one of those oversized reel symbols is designed as aa 4×4 reel symbol and as such it covers 12 of the 15 in view reel symbols when it is spun in, and as such that is the one symbols you will hoping does spin in via that bonus feature, for when it does depending on which symbol it is there is the chance of win a mega sized winning pay-out.

However, whether you trigger that bonus game or not, just for the win have ensured this is a slot that does boats a higher than average pay-out percentage, so you should get plenty to play time from your bankroll when playing it.

To help you make up your own mind as to whether it is a slot playing with your own hard-earned money you will be given the opportunity of playing it for free and at no risk what so ever, by accessing the demo mode version of the slot once it does go live. So be on the lookout for this slot if you want a completely new slot playing experience online!

July 9, 2018

New Temple of Tut Slot from Microgaming

If you are an experienced online casino game player, then it will not have escaped your notice that every single month of the year a whole slew of brand new…

If you are an experienced online casino game player, then it will not have escaped your notice that every single month of the year a whole slew of brand new and never seen before casino games are launched by all the leading designers.

May 2018 sees Microgaming launching two brand new slot games, one of which is their impressive looking, Egyptian themed Temple of the Tut slot, and being a Just for the Win designed slot, it is one that does come with some unique features too.

One thing that I have noticed about this brand-new slot is that quite unusual for any new Microgaming network wide slot is it has been designed with 10 pay lines, so that does of course it will be suitable for low stake players who want the maximum gaming action, but at a much-reduced cost.

It does however have a standard video slot game designed, and as such you will notice it boast five video reels and there are three-reel symbols in view on each of those ten reels too.

Thanks to it having a Both Ways playing structure and format you will find that you can and will form winning combinations not only from left to right across the screen but from right to left too, so for a stake of 10 coins you get a total of 20 different ways of forming a winning combination!

If you have played slots such as the Finer Reels of Life, Thunderstruck II or Immortal Romance then one of the most exciting features that you can trigger is the random wild feature on each of those slots.

Well, that is something you will also be able to trigger when playing the Temple Tut slot too, for at random when you click onto the start button if the random reel feature if triggered then one to five of the reels are then going to be selected and will spin in covered in just wild symbols.

The way of winning big on this slot is of course to trigger that feature and then get all five-reel turning wild, as that will then see you winning the maximum base game jackpot pay-out!

However, it is quite rare for all five reels to turn wild when that feature is triggered, so you will need to take the rough with the smooth when playing his slot and not expected to win big each time that feature is awarded to you!

A set of free spins are also on offer and in total when triggered you could initially be awarded with up to 30 free spins, and as a bonus too players the wild reels feature can also be triggered during the free spins bonus game too.

This game has already gone live across the Microgaming network and as such you will find it available at all casino sites offering Microgaming range of games, including instant play and downloadable casinos and at all mobile casino sites too, so do consider playing it!

June 28, 2018

Best Strategy for Playing RTG’s Random Jackpot Slots

The most played slot games at any casino utilizing the Real Time Gaming supplied and designed casino games and their respective gaming platforms, are without a shadow of a doubt…

The most played slot games at any casino utilizing the Real Time Gaming supplied and designed casino games and their respective gaming platforms, are without a shadow of a doubt the Real Series slots.

When playing any of those slot games at the end of any base game spin you could be randomly awarded with a progressive jackpot. In fact, some of them now offer two different valued progressive jackpots.

Due to the low trigger values of those jackpot you often find they can be and are won very frequently by players, and as such fi you do ever decide to play at such a site you will be tempted to give them some play time.

However, you may also be wondering if there are any strategies that you can adopt when playing random jackpot slots, and that is something I am often asked by slot players so today I will pass onto you a few playing hints and tips I have discovered when playing such slots.

The first thing to keep in mind however is that all Real Time Gaming slots are completely random by their design, so you could win a jackpot at the end of any spin or never win one ever! It is down to luck and luck alone whether you do win one or not.

But the more spins you do get to play off the more your chances of winning one of those randomly awarded progressive jackpots will become, and with that in mind you should consider helping Lady Luck along a little by making use of a bankroll boosting bonus.

The best types of bonuses to use on any of the Real Time Gaming designed Real Series slots are deposit match bonuses, and the higher the percentage of your deposited amount that is awarded to you are bonus credits the better!

You do however need to ensure that you can play such slots with bonus credits before accepting any bonus offer, and it is also important to double check to see if you are limited regarding how much you can win and cash out from such a bonus too.

If there is a maximum cash out limited imposed on you via the terms and conditions of any such deposit match bonus that can be sued on such slots, then avoid claiming such a bonus, for if you do win a jackpot you may only then get paid out a small percentage of that jackpot!

Also, one additional way that I am aware slot players do play Real Series slots is by setting the coin values down to the lowest ones possible and then playing off just one coin per spin! You can use the auto play setting to play off thousands of spins, and each spin you do play off gives you a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

But at the end of the day as mentioned above, it is luck and luck alone that will ultimately determine if you do win a progressive jackpot!

June 28, 2018

Pros and Cons of Using Auto Play on Casino Games

The almost endless number of option settings available on modern day online casino games is impressive, for no matter which games you choose to play you are going to be…

The almost endless number of option settings available on modern day online casino games is impressive, for no matter which games you choose to play you are going to be able to configure them in a way you find appealing.

However, there is one way of playing most casino games that you may find appealing and that is by you making use of the auto play option setting, that gives you the opportunity of sending all manner of games into live play automatically based on your own personal preferences.

But you may be wondering what, if any benefits there are going to be of playing using such an option setting, and as such today I will be giving you an insight into the pros and cons and any dangers of using auto play, to allow you to judge for yourself whether you should use it or not.

The first thing I do need to draw to your attention however, is that for some bizarre and inexplicable reasons, some casino sites are not going to allow you to make use of the auto play setting when you are playing off bonus credits! I have yet to understand the reason for that decision, but always check to see if you can use auto play when playing off bonus credits if that is something you are thinking of doing!

Regarding any benefits of using auto play, well you will of course find that when playing most games, you can rattle through plenty of games in a short space of time, many more games than you would ever play when playing off each game manually.

That may be benefits if you chose to play games such as video poker or even blackjack, for with the auto play setting switched on it will then play off each game using the best basic strategy. Therefore, you will never make any strategic playing errors when using the auto play option settings.

Playing slot machines and slot games is a whole different matter though, for part and parcel of playing such games is the fun and excitement you will have triggering a potentially high paying bonus game.

With you usually having to play off around 100 to 200 spins before you do eventually trigger a bonus game or bonus feature, by making use of the auto play setting you can then set it to play off lots of base game spins but then stop when a bonus game has been triggered.

So if you want to wander off and do something else when those base game spins are playing off, you will have the peace of mind in knowing if you do trigger the most exciting aspect of such gaming machines, that being their respective bonus games or bonus features, they will then be waiting to be played off when you return to your computer or mobile device!

It is up to you whether you will enjoy using auto play or not, but you an also test drive using it via the free play demo mode version of most casino games available at most online casino sites!