Ladbrokes or William Hill

In the days before internet betting, punters didn’t have much of a choice where they did their betting. Most high streets might have had one or maybe two bookies, and you’d generally stick with the one which had the better odds, nicer layout, better selection of TVs and maybe nicer counter staff.

William Hill                     Ladbrokes 

Now however, all of the major bookies are available to you at the click of a mouse, and deciding where to put your hard earned is a lot more difficult. Two names that UK and Ireland bettors will be familiar with are Ladbrokes and William Hill. Both have had brick and mortar shops for years and have made the transition to the online world, but you might be wondering when it comes to betting with a bit of your hard earned, which is the better choice, Ladbrokes or William Hill. In this article I’m going to do my best to help you decide.

Website Overviews

Both sites have well designed websites that are easy to find your away around. As well as offering sports betting, they have Poker, Casino, Bingo and Financials betting, each of which we’ll look at later in the article. William Hill’s site is a little bit easier on the eye and things are a little neater than Ladbrokes. It’s also a little bit easier to get to the market you’re looking for in the sports betting sections, and Hills have the live betting markets a bit tidier. Overall, both are pretty good though.

Verdict: William Hill

Sports Betting, Odds and Promotions

Both William Hill and Ladbrokes started out as sports betting sites, and this is their speciality. As you’d expect, they both cover every sporting event you can think of and have a wide range of markets for each. Ladbrokes has better coverage of the less popular betting sports like Formula 1 and American sports. In terms of the odds on offer, it’s difficult to make a good comparison because there are so many markets to look at, but as a very general rule, William Hill tend to have worse prices on favourites, but are better priced when it comes to the outsiders.

Hills also have better promotions in my opinion, and they do a better job of letting you know about them. They also do great video previews of the weekend’s football action and other events, which can be useful for putting you in the know.

Verdict: Draw


Both Hills and Ladbrokes both use poker networks for their customers. What this means is that if you play on one of them, you’ll be entered into a pool of players from a variety of sites. For instance William Hill players will be playing in games that have players from Paddy Power Poker and Boyle Poker, on the iPoker network. Ladbrokes on the other hand uses the Microgaming network. Neither network has the best software out there but both are pretty good. iPoker occasionally suffer from technical difficulties which they can be slow to fix, while Microgaming is generally more reliable, but it is a smaller network meaning a narrower selection of games. Ladbrokes also seem to be more ‘into’ poker, and they sponsor their own live events around the UK and Ireland. I think they’re a clear favourite for poker.

Verdict: Ladbrokes


If you feel like having a bit of a gamble, both sites have casinos. They both stick with their poker software providers for their casinos. William Hill have the Playtech software, while Ladbrokes are on Microgaming. Both have all of the games you’d expect like Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots but Ladbrokes have a better variety of games. They also offer better bonuses. On the other hand, William Hill have live dealer games which can be a lot of fun, and their payouts for a lot of the games are slightly better.

Verdict: William Hill


For Bingo, William Hill use the Virtue Fusion software, while Ladbrokes have opted for Microgaming again. Both software packages have good standard bingo games as well as the ever popular Deal or No Deal bingo as well as Bingo slots. Ladbrokes have a better free money introductory offer and a better reward scheme. Both have friendly chat rooms attached to the bingo software.

Verdict: Ladbrokes


Both websites are excellent. Ladbrokes has better Poker and Bingo products, where William Hill has a nice site and a better casino, so it’s pretty close over which one you should choose. As a poker fan, I’m going to side with Ladbrokes for their better poker product as the tie breaker!

Click HERE to Visit William Hill or HERE to Visit Ladbrokes