Donald Trump Assassination Odds

November 9, 2016 •

DonaldSince it became clear that Donald J. Trump would emerge victorious in the US Presidential election, we’ve been hard at work figuring out just how likely he his make it through to January 2021 without an extra hole somewhere on his person.

We’re ignoring the fact that he’ll be 74 when he leaves the Oval Office and has about a 4% of dying of natural causes by then, and looking purely at the probability that he’ll be taken out by a ‘nut with a gun’.

Recent Attempts

If we look back at the last few presidents we see that there have been plenty of attempts on their lives. Counting only the ones the secret service knew about we have the following:

George HW Bush: 1

Bill Clinton: 4

Georgy W Bush: 1

Barack Obama: 5

Angry Mexicans

So it seems like the Democratic Presidents need to spend a bit more time looking over their shoulder than their Republican counterparts. Donald Trump is a different proposition though. He’s divided people like no other president in recent memory. Though defending the 2nd amendment has traditionally been the work of Republicans, there has to be plenty of gun toting Democrats that just can’t see how America can prosper under an uber-capitalist, misogynist, racist president. The guy has just offended too many people. You know the stereotypical Mexican gangsters from Training Day and a million other movies? Yea, those guys have got to be pretty pissed off. It’s pretty certain that someone will have a go at de-Trumping the White House, and we’re pricing up a recognised attempt on his life at 1/5.

A Dangerous Job

So, someone has a go…how likely are they to be successful. Well if you look at the history, four of the guys who’ve held the office out of 44 have bought it while in the job in history, so right there you can see that you’re a 1 in 11 chance to die in office. Now one has to imagine that the secret service are better equipped and have better intelligence than they did back in the days of 1865 when Abraham Lincoln decided to go to the Theatre.

Given that it’s pretty certain there are going to be multiple attempts to take out The Donald, his aides are going to be kept busy. However these guys are the best in the business and to be honest I’m expecting a Blackhawk outside my house within minutes of posting this article. All things considered, we reckon he’s about a 33/1 shot to get a State funeral some time between now and 2021.

At the moment, you can’t actually bet on him getting assassinated with any licensed bookmaker, but you CAN bet on him being impeached. Labdrokes are offering odds of around Evens for that to happen which is a great bet! They also have a few other Trump bets and they’ve got a €/£50 free bet for new customers too. You can click here to register an account.

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