Bitcoin Casinos: Future of Online Gambling

February 27, 2015 •


A new possibility for online gambling has emerged: New online Bitcoin casinos take gambling to a whole new level as they will allow gamblers to play anonymously. And now you’ll be able to be anywhere in the world, and will be able to bet on bitcoin casinos, bypassing all countries’ regulations.

Many casinos now already accept bitcoins, and altcoins such as dogecoin, litecoin and darkcoin. The choice how to spend your bitcoins is rising quickly so all you have to do is buy some bitcoins and start rolling the dice or make your picks. The best way to find a reliable site to use for first timers would be to check out Bitcoin casino reviews online to learn from the experiences of other bitcoin gamblers. There are a few reasons why these online betting houses are picking up popularity with speed, as bitcoin casinos offer instant payouts and withdrawals, they offer bigger deposit bonuses, and they allow you to gamble with more than one cryptocurrency, other than bitcoin you can play with e.g. litecoin or dogecoin. Bitcoin casinos have the potential to soon become the future of online gambling.

Bitcoin casino bonuses currently are attracting many gamblers to shift to the more attractive bitcoin gambling experience. Some online casinos are offering up to a 100% bonus on first deposits. That’s huge as many regular casinos just offer half or less. But of course there is a catch to everything, these casinos want you to get involved and get used to using bitcoins so when you do get a bonus, you’ll have to play a certain amount before you’re allowed to withdraw your bitcoins. As an example, on a $100 bonus, you’ll have to gamble with the whole amount for a certain amount of times before you can withdraw.

The Advantages of Gambling with Bitcoins

One of the most critical advantages of bitcoin casinos that are attracting gamblers and bettors in drives is that they offer Instant payouts and withdrawals. This is what they can offer to players over other online casinos that only accept hard currencies. Many online gamblers complain that hurdles are put in their way when they win on conventional online casinos,who try to delay withdrawals of winnings, coaxing gamblers to reinvest their winnings. So accordingly, bitcoin casinos are offering their players instant payouts and withdrawals, raising the bar for the competition. In this way, many gamblers are enticed to use bitcoins. The only trade off is that when instant payouts are turned on for an account, deposit bonuses won’t be offered, but that’s a small price to pay for the instant advantage.

And it’s not just bitcoins that are accepted which allows the players flexibility. Over the past few years, many bitcoin casinos have begun to accept altcoins which are alternative cryptocurrencies, these include litecoin, dogecoin, darkcoin, blackcoin and a few others. So, if players want to keep their anonymity and you have balances in one of these cryptocurrencies, it’s very easy to find an online casino that accepts your favourite coin. The best advice by industry leaders and developers is to do your research, find reviews that can guide you through the major altcoin casinos so you can gamble safely. Then you can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences and get involved in a world of online gambling that has a lot more to offer than its traditional counterparts.