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Podcast Ep52: Why is Everyone So Busy?

- October 27, 2016
jose mourinho

Podcast Ep52: Why is Everyone So Busy?

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 52 Welcome to the Season Ticket Podcast. It’s episode 52, and it is ready for streaming or download by clicking the play button above, so…

NHL Betting Preview: Montreal vs. New York

- October 25, 2016

On Wednesday night the Montreal Canadiens will hit the ice in NYC when they face the New York Islanders in NHL hockey action. The first-place Habs (5-0-1) are the only…

secrets of christmas slot

NetEnt Preview Their Secrets of Christmas Slot

- October 24, 2016

It may seem like a long way off, however NetEnt are already putting together the finishing touches of one of their brand new Festive themed slot games, and as such…

EPL Previews

chelsea manu

Chelsea vs Man Utd Betting Preview

- October 22, 2016

It’s a rare enough occurrence for this column to have anything positive to say about the TV schedulers or just about any aspect of football-related administration but fair play to…

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netent slots

NetEnt to Expand Into Italian Land Based Venues

- October 26, 2016

NetEnt designed slot games have become some of the most sought after and most played slot games for both online and mobile slot players over the last few years, and…

Welcome to the Online Gambling Bible

Me and Daniel NegreanuHi, My name is Rob and I’m the owner of the site. That’s me in the picture (hint: I’m not the famous poker player). I did however spend many years playing online poker pretty seriously and I developed a pretty good knowledge of the game and the gambling industry over those years. I don’t get too much time to play anymore, except the odd Sunday tournament when I get the urge.

Most of my efforts now go in to reviewing gaming sites in the hope that people choose wisely and don’t end up playing at sites that offer poor value or have shady finances. As well as that I try to write about news from the world of online gambling, including new sites, and previews of all of the big poker and sports betting events.

Whether you’re here to find out about is poker, roulette, soccer betting or even bingo, the Online Gambling Bible has reviews of all of the big sites as well as tips, strategy and news from the world of internet gambling. I do have a day job, so I don’t get as much time to work on the site as I’d like, but I try my best!


Though some might argue that the online poker boom may have passed, and the game isn’t as big as it was 4 years ago, poker is still a massive draw. All you have to do is log on to PokerStars on a Sunday night and see 300,000 players online to prove it! With so many sites competing for your money, it can be difficult to find the most suitable poker site for you to play on. Some sites are better than other for cash games, some are better for tournaments and some are better for unusual games like Stud and Draw poker.

Though a lot of people think PokerStars is the obvious choice, there are far softer poker games on the internet than those at PokerStars. Check out some of the rooms we’ve reviewed and find out how juicy the games are!

Sports Betting

Online sports betting brings a new dimension to the enjoyment of watching sport on TV. Gone are the days where you have to get up off the couch to bet on your favourite sports. Nowadays you can lounge around on your laptop or tablet and have your pick of the odds on whatever you want to bet on. If it’s on TV, then you’re guaranteed to be able to bet on it somewhere, and if you want to bet on it but can’t find it, chances are you’ll be able to pick a free stream online somewhere if it’s any sort of major event. 

You can’t watch a sporting event now without there being tons of gambling related ads during every commercial break and again, finding the best value place to get your bets on can be pretty daunting. For example, most people aren’t aware that Bet Victor offers by far and away the best odds when it comes to football betting.

There’s no denying that watching a game or a fight is more fun when you’ve got some money on it, even if its just a small flutter, not only because of the money, but the feeling of getting one over on the bookmaker!


Online casino sites have all of the popular casino games that you’re used to, like Blackjack, Roulette and Slots, and lots that you’ve probably never heard of too! The top online casino sites have talented teams of developers that give the end product a great feel, with smooth graphics, quick game play and a casino-feel.

What’s more, online casinos have much bigger payouts than their live equivalents, so if you’re looking for that big spin-up then online casinos are the place to do it. When looking for an online casino, you want to find one that has all of the games you want to play, good payouts, good software, and most importantly a big fat deposit bonus. If you like to play some poker and do some sports betting too, it can be convenient to sign up to one of the bigger sites that covers all aspects of online gaming.

You should also be sure that you’re playing at a fair and trusted site. All of the sites recommended by Online Gambling Bible are licensed in a trusted jurisdiction, and operated by well established global gaming brands with fair payout percentages.


Bingo isn’t really gambling in its purest sense. Most people who enjoy bingo enjoy it for the social aspect and the thrill of winning a few quid every now and then is a nice bonus. Online bingo has risen in popularity in recent years, but a lot of people who really enjoy going to the bingo hall haven’t gotten into the online game yet, afraid that the social element isn’t there. The truth is that online bingo is great fun and it’s possible to make friends at the online bingo sites through the chat room. All of the bingo games at the major sites come with a chat room attached so you can chat away to the other players while you play the game.

There are literally hundreds of online bingo sites out there in 2015 and choosing the the most fun and trustworthy ones ain’t easy. We’ve gone to the trouble of playing at a lot of online bingo sites and we’re reporting back to you with the best ones. At the moment, we feel that 32 Red Bingo is the top place to play. With friendly chat rooms, a nice deposit bonus and lots of other games like bingo slots, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.